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I Do Redo

You’ve heard it said that hindsight is 20-20. But how do you get ahead and avoid the most common mistakes brides make during the wedding planning process? How do you know what is important to focus on? In this article, we interview five women who have been married for over a year.  We asked them […]

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Liya + Jeffrey

The hotel was bustling as excited friends and family were getting ready for the big day. Liya lived up to her middle name, Joy, as she danced around the suite and couldn’t help but show off her beautiful smile. Jeffrey suited up, complete with Spiderman cuff links and socks. The two chose a superhero theme, which appeared in subtle ways throughout the day.

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5 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Fiancé In The Midst Of Wedding Planning

I once was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. She was super organized but she and her husband did nearly everything themselves.  He even made their own wedding cake! While he was wrapped up with that huge undertaking, she and the girls were creating wedding signs, kids activities, decor, cleaning the church and handling

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Priya + Jesvin

If there was one thing that was evident throughout Priya and Jesvin’s wedding day it was the importance of family. With the sudden death of Priya’s brother and the legal battles that came with it, the family has been through quite the roller coaster. Though there was a mixture of joy and sorrow on the

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