Our Why

The industry is flooded with wedding planners, photographers, and videographers. As the Bride, the amount of work you have to do to try and comb through them all can be overwhelming. Before you decide on who you surround yourself with, you should understand their "why".
Below is ours.

We Create Stories To

Laugh, Cry, & Inspire

There's a reason why the word "emotion" has "motion" in it. Our heart is connected to our mind and is what drives our decision making process. It's what gets us to act and do the crazy things we normally wouldn't do; to take a leap of faith and say, "I do!" It's about connecting with one another - what a wedding day is all about - and what motivates us to tell captivating stories the way we do. 

Part of our mission is to create stories that connect and inspire others - to challenge them to think and be more than what they currently are. This is what we do professionally for businesses and brands, and if authentically told, your story will do the same.

Stories allow us to

Remember, Grow, & Perfect

I can't tell you how many times I've edited a couple's story and it drove me to tears. After 17 years of marriage, 7 children, and living through different seasons of life, sometimes I've needed a reminder of what really matters above all else - loving my lady.

Crafting these stories have driven me to let things go, say I'm sorry, and to cherish her more than ever. It reminds me why we chose one another in the first place, sharpening and softening me at the same time as her husband and friend.

My belief is that as we capture the start of your journey together as husband and wife, God will use it to draw and knit you closer together over time; to help you remember your first love, and to grow and perfect you as a husband and wife.

Our Historical


I've been fortunate enough to tell people's stories over the past decade through video, print, and web. Starting In the Light Studios as a soloprenuer, by God's grace, has now grown to a creative agency. Together, my team has produced hundreds of videos and short films for all different types of organizations and people and now we help with messaging and branding.

Throughout that time, we've always been awe-struck in producing short films for weddings. We could never get away from them. Every year, we found ourselves doing them. It challenged and grew us creatively and kept us grounded with a reality of connecting with people emotionally - a key element in storytelling.

Our Current


Over the years of working as a professional and within the wedding industry, you get to know people. You get to see how others work, their customer service, their personality, their attention to detail, how they hold under pressure, their beliefs, goals, and what they're really about. You take note of who you work well with and you discover who's truly a master at their craft.

At the core of who we are, we are creatives and we are servants. If we create, we create with purpose. If we serve, we serve with purpose. If we involve ourselves in a Bride's life, it has to be with purpose. Our ability to provide a full-service package that actually simplifies your life has been difficult to offer...until now.

Meet Our Team

Your Crew

We're a family of specialists, perfectionists, consultants, designers, creatives and servants, working for you. Our promise is to make sure you have the best day possible, and that you have the keepsakes you desire to remember it by.







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